Quick Start: Data Lineage

Key Points: Data Lineage

  • Data Lineage shows you where an object in the database or semantic model get its data.
  • Tables, fields, transformations, lookups, measures, and endpoints all can use the data lineage feature, making it easier to efficiently keep
  • Data lineage visualizations show the object selected on the left side, back to its source(s) on right side. Transformations affecting the object, including calculations are shown as well.

Key Steps: Data Lineage

View object Data Lineage

  1. On an object (i.e. table, field, lookup, measure, etc.), select Visualizations and click on Data Lineage
  2. A new window will appear, showing the object and dependencies

Understanding Data Lineage

TimeXtender provides visualization features such as data lineage to help keep track of all objects and their dependencies, and a project grows in size and complexity.

For more detailed information, please see Visualization.