Exercise: Add and Schedule Execution Package for Sales

  1. Open the Execution tab from the Solution Explorer.
  2. Right click Execution Packages node and choose Add Execution Package
  3. In the Name box type Sales
  4. Drag the Project Perspective Execute Sales from the All Steps box to the Include Steps box
  5. In the Max. Threads box type 5 or use the up/down buttons.
  6. In the Managed Execution box choose the option Execution Time and click OK button.
  7. Click OK in the information box with the message "Deployment is needed before changes will have an effect". This applies to scheduled executions only.

Add Schedule to Execution Package

  1. Right click Execution Package named Sales and choose Add Schedule. If schedules already exists the option will be Edit Schedule
  2. In the Schedule window choose Specified Hour, type hours and minutes and click Add button followed by OK
  3. Right click the My Training Project node and choose Advanced -> Save project as deployed version.