What to Expect: Course Overview

This course is for TimeXtender v20.10 and below. For training on the latest version of TimeXtender please visit https://timextender.training/

This training is designed to help you become successful building solutions with the TimeXtender Data Management Platform. If you are new to TimeXtender, we encourage you follow along through the sections in series at your own pace. Once you are off and running, feel free to return to the individual lectures as needed to review the individual topics.

Course Content

This course includes about 75 lectures consisting of 2-3 hours of Foundational reading & concepts and roughly 4-5 hours of hands-on exercises. Not including initial configuration of your environment, this course consists of roughly 6-8 hours of training content depending on your familiarity with the topic.


This online course is organized into different lecture types to help you be successful.

Foundation lectures discuss key concepts in the form of text, images, and video.

Exercise lectures will ask you to complete a series of steps in TimeXtender. If you have difficulty, examples are provided, however, for the best learning experience we highly encourage you to attempt the exercise prior to watching the solution.

Quiz lectures will test your knowledge of important topics ensuring you remember the key concepts needed to be successful.

Quick Start lectures provide key information to get you started. These sections include text and images, to explain key points, key steps, and more detailed information.

Save Your Progress

If you wish to track and save your progress as you work through the training material please Sign Up or Login if you have not done so already.

TimeXtender Knowledgebase

We highly recommend you become familiar with our Knowledgebase. We will reference to articles in this support portal many times throughout this training and it is a very helpful resource when using the platform.

Have Questions?

  1. Search for key words in the Knowledgebase to find topics that may already have answers.
  2. Can find the answer to your question? Post your question in the TimeXtender community forum!
    1. Write your question in the box and select the appropriate topic.