Exercise (optional): Build a Purchasing Semantic Model

In this exercise you can use all the techniques you have learned to build your own dimensional and semantic model for the Purchasing business area.


  1. Build your dimensional model by drawing on a piece of paper or white board.
  2. Review the below Entity Relationship Diagram of the AdventureWorks database (click to expand and zoom) to determine what you may need.
  3. Select the necessary tables from the ODX & bring them into the DSA. No need to extract tables twice. It is always best practice to reuse any of the dimensions tables that you have already built in the MDW.
  4. Denormalize tables as necessary in the DSA, add the new tables to the MDW, and build the Purchasing semantic model.
  5. Don't forget to deploy, execute, preview, and validate the data frequently as you go.
  6. Add an endpoint and visualize the data with your desired visualization tool.

Remember it's okay to build things multiple ways to find the best fit. Good luck and have fun!