Exercise: Add SalesOrder tables and Lookup values to DSA

Most tables in TimeXtender are brought in from a data source and moved into the data warehouse directly from the ODX Server or via a staging database. For more detailed information, please see Tables.


  1. Select the SalesOrderHeader and SalesOrderDetails tables in the ODX Server and add them to the DSA Data Warehouse using the functions previously described in this training.
  2. Reorder the tables so that SalesOrderHeader is above SalesOrderDetails.
  3. Open SalesOrderHeader table in a new window (use ctrl-w).
  4. Drag the SalesOrderID field from SalesOrderHeader and drop it on the same field in the SalesOrderDetail table to create a relation.
  5. Drag the fields OrderDate, ShipDate and CustomerID from SalesOrderHeader table and drop them on the SalesOrderDetail table name to create conditional lookup fields.