Exercise: Add Customer dimension

TimeXtender makes it easy to relate tables and create dimensions. For more detailed information, please see Selecting, Copying, and Relating Tables.


Create and Add CustomerName to Customer table

  1. Select the Customer, Store, and Person tables in the ODX Server and add them to the DSA
  2. Open Store table in a new window using ctrl-w
  3. Press F2 on the Name field and type StoreName to rename the field.
  4. Expand Customer table
  5. Drag BusinessEntityID from Store table and drop it on StoreID in Customer table to create a relation
  6. Drag field StoreName from Store table and drop it on the Customer table name to add a conditional lookup field
  7. Rename StoreName to CustomerName

Add PersonName to Person table

  1. Right click Person table and select Add Field
  2. Field name = PersonName, Data type = Text, Length = 150
  3. Right click PersonName and select Field Transformations
  4. Select Custom value in the Operator box and click Add
  5. Drag fields FirstName and LastName to the Custom Value SQL box
  6. Type the text "+ ' ' +" between the Field names to insert a space.
  7. Click OK

Add lookup field to CustomerName

  1. Drag BusinessEntityID from Person table and drop it on the field PersonID in the Customer table to create a relation.
  2. Open table Person in a new window (ctrl-w) and expand it
  3. Expand table Customer and the Conditional Lookup Field CustomerName
  4. Drag the field PersonName and drop it on the Lookup Fields node beneath the CustomerName field. This will create an additional Lookup Field for CustomerName
  5. Right click the Conditional Lookup Field CustomerName and select Edit Conditional Lookup
  6. In the Multiple Lookup Fields drop-down box select Take the first non-empty value
  7. Drag the Customer table from the DSA to the Tables node in the MDW
  8. Deploy and Execute the project using option Only modified tables and views.