Exercise: Relate ProductModel to Product and Lookup ProductModelName

In TimeXtender, Table Relations and Conditional Lookups are created by dragging a field from the source table onto the related field on the destination table. For more detailed information, please see Table Relations.


Relate two tables and create a Conditional Lookup field

  1. Right click ProductModel table and select Open in New Window (alternatively select the table and type ctrl-w)
  2. Drag the field ProductModelID from the ProductModel table and drop it on the ProductModelID field in the Product table. This will create a relation on the Product table.
  3. Drag the field ProductModelName from ProductModel and drop it on the Product table. This will add a Conditional Lookup Field.
  4. Close the window with the ProductModel table.

Validate the Conditional Lookup field content

  1. Drag the field ProductModelName in the Product table and drop it just beneath the field ProductModelID. This will reorder the field.
  2. Right click the Data Warehouse node DSA and select Deploy and Execute
  3. Tick the Selected Objects option Only modified tables and view and click Start button
  4. Right click the Product table and select Preview. Notice the Null values in the ProductModelName and ProductModelID fields.
  5. Click the Query Tool button and type in the following where clause in the T-SQL statement: Where ProductModelName is not null
  6. Notice that ProductModelName is filled with proper values, when ProductModelID is also filled