Exercise (optional): Deploy your semantic model to Tableau & Qlik Endpoints

The Tableau Endpoint generates a Tableau Data Source (.tds) file. This file includes all the necessary fields and relations enabling users develop powerful dashboards in Tableau Desktop or upload the data source to Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Adding a Tableau Endpoint (in the Endpoints article).

Qlik models can be deployed directly to QlikView, QlikSense Desktop or QlikSense Server. Complete with all the scripts necessary to generate QVDs and create a complete data model, Qlik users can easily create dashboards on complex data without having to write any Qlik script. For specifics on Qlik Sense Enterprise (e.g. ports, users, proxies, certificates, etc.), please see Connect to Qlik Sense Enterprise. For more detailed information, please see Adding a Qlik Endpoint (in the Endpoints article).