Foundation: Understanding the Modern Data Warehouse

The Modern Data Warehouse (MDW) is where most of the transformation takes place in TimeXtender. Data is selected from the ODX then consolidated, cleansed, and transformed into a single version of truth. At this layer, Analysts & data scientists can benefit from curated & cleansed data to quickly answer critical questions from the business.

In the MDW, you can expect to perform some common data warehousing tasks, such as:

  • Push data to SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, or Azure Synapse.
  • Denormalizing highly normalized data models extracted from online transactional processing (OLTP) systems.
  • Consolidating data from completly disparate data sources to create a comprehensive solution for business users.
  • Defining and then mapping data into curated dimensional models designed to improve query performance.
  • Implementing surrogate keys.
  • Data cleansing and validation.
  • Tracking slowly changing dimensions.

For more detailed information, please see Data Warehouses.