Exercise: Add Product table to MDW database applying Data Selection Rule

Data Selection Rules are used to specify a set of conditions that data extracted from a source table must satisfy. By applying selection rules, only the subset of data that you actually need is loaded into the data warehouse or staging database. For more detailed information, please see Data Selection Rules (in the Selecting, Validating, and Transforming Data article).


  1. Right click the MDW Data Warehouse in the Solution Explorer and select Open. This will open a new tab.
  2. Drag the Product table from the DSA tab and drop it on the Tables node in the MDW tab.
  3. Right click the Product table in the MDW tab and select Add Data Selection Rule
  4. Select the FinishedGoodsFlag in the Data Selection Rules pane
  5. Select Equal in the Operator drop-down list
  6. Type 1 in the Value box beneath and click Add button
  7. Deploy and Execute the Product table
  8. Preview the Product tables in both DSA and MDW and count the number of products by clicking the Count Rows button. The row counts should be different.