Exercise (optional): Connect PowerBI to Tabular Model

Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool from microsoft. You can download Power BI free here.


  1. Open Power BI Desktop, and create a new project.
  2. In the Power BI Toolbar, click the Get Data icon and select the Analysis Services.
  3. A window "SQL Server Analysis Services database" will appear for you to enter your machine's name (or localhost) for the "Server" textbox. "Database (optional)" can be left blank. Make sure the "Connect live" is selected. Click OK.
  4. A window "Navigator" will let you select the the Analysis Service Tabular model you have access to on this machine. Select Sales, and click OK.
  5. Now, the related tables in the Sales model you've built in TimeXtender, are ready in the right side "Fields" pane. You can check the relationships in the "Model" tab on the far left. (This can be very helpful for analysts working with the data but not necessarily working in TimeXtender directly.)