Exercise: Add field GrossLineTotal with Custom Transformation

Fields transformations let you modify existing data in a number of ways. For example, you can easily reverse the sign of numeric values, trim fields or return a specified number of characters from the original field value. For more detailed information, please see Data Transformations (in the Selecting, Validating, and Transforming Data article).


  1. Right click SalesOrderDetail table and select Add Field.
  2. Name the field GrossLineTotal, Data type = Numeric, Numeric Scale = 6 (6 Decimals), click OK button.
  3. Right click the field and select Field Transformation.
  4. Leave Custom value in the Operator drop-down list and click Add button
  5. Drag field OrderQty from the Data Field list and drop it into the Transformation Custom SQL box.
  6. Type the operator * .
  7. Drag field UnitPrice into the Transformation Custom SQL box and click OK button.