Foundation: Understanding Projects

A TimeXtender Project contains all the elements of the data warehouse . Most organizations only need one project for their Data Warehouse, consequently, this project will often be named the same name as the organization that uses it. However, additional projects may be used for training or prototyping. After creating a project, you can save development and changes as a project version. This saves the details of the data warehouse along with any version notes. You may open a saved project version, or "rollback" to a previous version, at any time. This makes it easy to develop, test, debug, and prototype with confidence and transparency. TimeXtender's metadata driven approach also allows projects to be exported and imported.

Pro Tip: When you open a project, the default version is always the latest saved version of the project. You can only have one project version open at a time. However, if you want to compare different versions of a project, you can open another instance of TimeXtender, and load another version of the project to view side-by-side.

For more detailed information, please see Projects.