Foundation: ODX Tasks

ODX Server Tasks allow you to define the scope (which tables) and frequency (the schedule) of data transfers within a single data source. Each data source requires a Task to transfer data to storage.

You can configure a task to do the following

  • Load a specific subset of tables in the data source (This will further refine the table selected at the data source level.)
  • Run on a recurring schedule.
  • Synchronize objects, Transfer data, or both
  • Disable Incremental load,
  • Once a Task is created, you can change the settings as needed from the right click menu and Edit Task dialogue.

Example Use Cases for Tasks

  • Schedule a recurring refresh of the data source
  • Set up a full load (disable incremental) once a month
  • Select and reload only one specific table for development a troubleshooting

In the following exercises you will create a task then use a task to execute a data source.

For more detailed information, please see Tasks.