Exercise: Create Data Source in the ODX Server

Through the various data source selection options, TimeXtender can connect to virtually any data source available today. For more detailed information, please see Data Sources.


  1. To open a Tab with the ODX server, right click "ODX Server" node in Solution Explorer and select Manage ODX
  2. Right click Data Sources node
  3. Select Add Data Source from the drop-down list
  4. Type AW in Name. (Notice the Short name is automatically filled)
    1. If someone has already added an "AW" data source in the ODX Server, the new data source may give you an error. To work around this, you may simply change the name of the new data source. For example, appending your initials to the data source name, such as "AW_JT".
  5. Locate the Custom Data Source TimeXtender SQL Data Source (scroll or search)
  6. Select the data source and click Next button
  7. In the Data Source box, type the SQL Server IP Address or Instance name where your AdventureWorks database is located.
  8. Select your desired Authentication
  9. Select the AdventureWorks2014 database from the Initial catalog drop-down list and click Next
  10. In the Data window select the option All tables in the data source and click Next
  11. In the Next Step select the option No, I'll do that later and click Finish. We will add a task in the next exercise. Alternatively, you can select Yes to add a task right away.