Exercise: Add Product tables from ODX Server to Data Warehouse

Important! If you have not yet connected to an ODX Server please completed the exercise: Connect to ODX Server

Tables are brought into a Data Warehouse by searching and selecting data from an ODX Server. For more detailed information, please see Copying Tables from an ODX to a Data Warehouse.


  1. Open the DSA and the ODX Server from the Solution Explorer, with a double click on each nodes or a right click and select Open)
  2. Type product in the Table search field
  3. Tick the box AW in Data sources and click Search
  4. Multi-select tables Product, ProductModel, ProductCategory and ProductSubCategory by holding Ctrl and clicking each table
  5. Click and drag selected tables to the Tables node in the DSA tab
  6. Expand the Tables node in the DSA to verify the tables have been added.
  7. Close the ODX pane with the x in the tab title